Research Lines

Applied Analysis

Differential equations, continuum mechanics, fuzzy sets, non differentiable optimization.

Further information: Applied Analysis Group

Numerical Analysis

Numerical resolution of differential equations, applications in geophysics.

Further information: Numerical Analysis Group


Epidemiological models, polution, prague control, population dynamics.

Further information: Biomathematics Group

Combinatorics and Number Theory

Study problems in Additive Number Theory with interest in the combinatorical aspects using Hipergeometric Series and packages of Symbolic Algebra. Search for generalizations of Rogers-Ramanujan Identities.

Further information: Combinatorics and Number Theory Group

Mathematical Physics

Cosmology, gravitation, relativity, Clifford algebra.

Further information: Mathematical Physics Group

Computational Geophysics

Development and application of numerical algorithms for treatment of seismic data associated to oil prospecting.

Further information: Computational Geophisics Group

Computational Methods of Optimization

Numerical methods for non-linear programming, systems of equations, complementarity, variational problems and applications.

Further information: Computational Methods Optimization Group

Operational Research

Network flow, linear and integer programming, discrete mathematics.

Further information: Operational Research Group

Inverse Problems/Computational inteligence, analysis and image processing

Reconstruction and processing of images, waves in geophysics, neural network.

Further information: Inverse Problems Group

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