Computational Geophysics

Computational algorithms for seismic data processing, imaging and inversion.

The Computational Geophysics Group (GGC) at IMECC counts on the collaboration of 4 professors of the Applied Mathematics Department (DMA). Its research and development activities are concentrated in the area of seismic imaging applied to petroleum exploration. GGC is internationally renowned for its excellence in research, education and technology transfer. The strong point and raison d'etre of GGC is research of mathematical and computational methods and the develoment of computer codes and algorithms applied to seismic imaging.

GGC is part of different research networks, most prominently the National Institute of Science and Technology of Petroleum Geophysics (INCT-GP), the Wave Inversion Technology (WIT) Industry consortium, and Petrobras's Thematical Network of Applied Geophysics. For more information, see the webpage of the Computational Geophysics Laboratory (LGC) or CNPq's Diretório de Grupos de Pesquisa.

Foundation Year: 2001 



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