The program disposes of a limited, but generally sufficient, amount of scholarships from CAPES and CNPq, distributed by the Graduate Program Comission in Mathematics. Individual scholarship requests may be addressed to FAPESP, provided that the student is already involved in the thesis project. The maximum duration of the scholarship is 24 months for the Master's Degree and 48 months for the Ph.D.

CAPES and CNPq have a quota of Master and Ph.D scholarships directed to countries in Latin America (PEC-PG). Students who may be interested should apply to the course to begin in March of the following year (informations and forms can be found in our website). After the approval of the Graduate Program Commission, the student must go to the Brazilian embassy in his/her origin country with the letter of acceptance for registration and selection.

Master Scholarship

The Master's Degree in Mathematics has institutional quotas of scholarships from the CNPq and CAPES. This implies that the students must compete for the scholarships through their school records, curriculum vitae,  recommendation letters and/or through their performance in the Summer Program.


Ph.D. Scholarship

The Ph.D. in Mathematics has institutional quotas of scholarships from the CNPq and CAPES.  The selection criteria of the students follows a careful analysis of the school records, curriculum vitae and recommendation letters.


CAPES 'Sandwich' Ph.D.  Scholarship (PDSE-CAPES)

The PDSE is an institutional program of CAPES whose goal is qualifying high-level human resources by means of the granting of sandwich-Ph.D. scholarship quotas to Brazilian Higher Education Institutions that have a recommended and recognized Ph.D. Course with grade 3 or above in the CAPES evaluation.  It will only be accepted applications of students enrolled in these Ph.D. programs.


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