Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory is a very successful theory in the XXth century physics. We know how to work with it and this has led to huge scientific and technological development. However, in the same way that it is easy to know the rules of chess, but to master the chess game mean something deeper, knowing the rules of Quantum Theory is not the same as understanding it. 

Our group is devoted to the mathematical foundations of this theory. More specifically, we focus on the so called Quantum Correlations and the phenomena which distinguish Quantum Theory from both, its classical counterpart and the so called post-quantum theories.

Established in 2016.


Marcelo Terra Cunha


Research Lines

  • Contextuality: Kochen-Specker Theorem and other modern approaches;
  • Nonlocality: Bell Theorem and other modern approaches;
  • Informational Principles for Quantum Theory;
  • Steering;
  • Geometry of Quantum States;
  • Geometry of Correlations.
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