Information for visitors

If you are a professor or student at another educational institution and are visiting or intend to visit IMECC, or even if you are a post-doctoral fellow who has just arrived at Unicamp, know that it is a pleasure to have you with us.

The exchange of experiences between different people is one of the reasons to become IMECC an institute of great relevance inside and outside the country.

In this section you can find out what our institute and university can offer to you.

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IMECC is located on the Unicamp campus in Barão Geraldo, Campinas-SP.


The main highways that reach Campinas are:


  • Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348)

  • Anhanguera Highway (SP-330)

  • Santos Dumont Highway (SP-75)

  • Dom Pedro I Highway (SP-65)

  • Professor Zeferino Vaz Highway (SP-332)


The closest airports to Campinas are:


  • Cumbica: Guarulhos - SP (International Airport)

  • Congonhas: Sao Paulo  SP (National Airport)

  • Viracopos: Campinas - SP (International Airport)


Some options to reach the IMECC are indicated in the diagram below:


 1  Rental Car


You can rent a car at one of the airport rental companies and come straight to IMECC. For more information click on one of the items below:


 2  Taxi


You can also take a taxi / uber / 99taxis for the following routes:

  • Viracopos Airport to Unicamp

  • Viracopos Airport to Campinas Bus Station

  • Campinas bus station to Unicamp


 3  Executive Bus


The company LiraBus has special bus lines that make transfers between Campinas and the airports below, such as:

  • From Cumbica Airport to Campinas Bus Station

  • From Congonhas Airport to Campinas Bus Station

  • From Viracopos Airport to Campinas Bus Station


 4  City Bus



More information can be obtained from EMDEC.





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Some tips for those who have just arrived at IMECC:


Asking for help

  • Visitors who need some information about the Institute or Unicamp can look for the Departments Secretariat (room 10), or the IMECC Board of Directors (room 2).

  • It will be a pleasure to help you!


Visiting professors' rooms

  • The Institute has some rooms for visiting professors (guests and post-docs).

  • The definition of the visitor's room is attribution of the Departments Secretariat (room 10).

  • Visitors invited by research groups can also be accommodated in the corresponding laboratories.


Coffee room

  • In the IMECC coffee room, professors, staff and their guests can enjoy Dona Zefa's unique coffee, which is served between 9:30 am and 11:00 am, and between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm.

  • Some coffee machines are available to those interested, who must bring their own capsules (compatible with the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto brands).

  • The room is also used for quick meals and snacks, with refrigerators, microwave ovens and a stove.


Access to IMECC rooms and university restaurants

  • Access to the IMECC places (rooms, computer labs and library) and university restaurants is done through a smart card delivered by the Departments Secretary, room 10, ground floor.


Use of IMECC computing resources

  • Access to the Institute's computing resources (laboratories, wireless network, etc) is done through an account on the IMECC's local network, which must be requested from the IT department via e-mail from the supervisor to


 Test printing

  • The Academic Logistics Support Section (ALA), located in room 20, on the ground floor, is responsible for taking copies of IMECC subject exams.


Other services

Some of the services provided by the different sections of the Institute:


  • Tickets, daily subsistence and hotel reservations


Departments Secretariat


  • Book loan and access to Acervus database




  • Classroom booking


Logistic Support


Structure of IMECC

IMECC has several technical, administrative and academic sections.

The academic area comprises the secretariats of

Part of the administrative structure are the sections of

And the technical areas:


These sections are identified in the figure below, which shows the ground floor of IMECC:

  • The library, which is in the basement, and the computer sector, located on the second floor, are not shown in the figure.

  • The beige rooms on the map are the ones for common use on the ground floor.

  • The complete floor plan of the institute can be found on the room map page.





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Some useful information about:

Canteens and restaurants

Hotel on campus

Location of faculties and institutes

Security, emergency, taxi stand, etc.

Indoor bus, bicycle and others





  • Unicamp has three restaurants of its own, which are open from Monday to Friday

  • Opening hours may vary during the holiday period



(Restaurante Universitário)


(Restaurante Administrativo)


(Restaurante da Saturnino)

Av. Érico Veríssimo, 50

(Google Maps)

R. Bernando Sayão, 198

  (Google Maps)

R. Saturnino de Brito, 314

 (Google Maps)


7:00 am to 8:30 am


10:30 am to 2:00 pm


5:30 pm to 7:45 pm




11:30 am to 2:00 pm


 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm




11:00 am to 2:00 pm


 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm


Cost and form of entry

  • Entrance to the restaurants is allowed using the Unicamp university card (smart card)

  • The value of meals for visitors is R$ 13.00 (thirteen reais)

  • More information is available on Food Division website


Canteens and restaurants near the IMECC

  • Adunicamp restaurant

Avenida Érico Veríssimo, 1479

  • Casa do Professor Visitante restaurant

Avenida Érico Veríssimo, 1251

  • Biology Institute Canteen

Charles Darwin Street, corner with Sérgio Buarque de Holanda Street




Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1251


Campus Map



Useful Phones

  • Operators


  • Information Center


  • Surveillance, Fire and Ambulance


  • Emergency (HC Unicamp)


  • Medical and Dental Clinic Scheduling (CECOM)

19020 / 19021 / 19029

  • Taxi Stand





Indoor Bus


  • Unicamp offers a free transport service to the entire university community, aiming at their displacement within the perimeter of the campus

  • It is carried out in the following paths: clockwise, counterclockwise and night

  • See HERE the lines and bus stops located at Unicamp




  • If you want to come by bicycle to the campus, check HERE the map of the bike racks


Other Information



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