Dissertations and Theses: Statistics Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the Statistics Graduate Program produced and defended on IMECC starting on year 2000. You can filter the output by program, year, and level.

Student Title Program Date
Fernanda Lang Schumacher Robust linear mixed models for longitudinal data using skewed and heavy-tailed distributions Statistics 01/10/2021
Gustavo Henrique Tasca Partition Markov models and their generalizations Statistics 09/09/2021
Marcos Tadeu Andrade Cordeiro Metric for multiple stochastic processes Statistics 24/05/2021
Jose Alejandro Ordoñez Cuastumal On default priors for regression analysis Statistics 26/04/2021
André Felipe Berdusco Menezes Statistical methods for SCRNA-seq data modeling Statistics 15/04/2021
Leonardo Uchôa Pedreira Multivariate Kriging model for compositional data mapping Statistics 24/03/2021
Rodney Vasconcelos Fonseca Some wavelet-based contributions to functional data analysis Statistics 10/03/2021
João Victor Bastos de Freitas Semi-parametric models based on the Scale Mixtures of Centred Skew Normal distribution for independent and longitudinal data Statistics 09/03/2021
Áurea Fonseca Lopes Galindo Semi-parametric models for independent and longitudinal data with limited response Statistics 01/03/2021
Gabriel Franco de Souza Aggregated functional data model applied on clustering and disaggregation of electrical load profiles Statistics 11/01/2021
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