Thesis Defense / Dissertation

In order to defend the dissertation (master) and thesis (PhD), the student must fill in the forms below and hand in Secretaria de Pós-Graduação, at least 35 days in advance of the proposed date of the exam:

1. Composition of the Commission (1 copy). We advise the student to save locally a copy of the file before editing it.

2. If an examiner participates via internet (remotely) then provide the examiner's address (1 copy).

3. Forms for the per-diem for the external examiners. These must be provided AFTER the approval of the commission.

4. A summary of the thesis/dissertation (one copy).

5. Authorization for the thesis/dissertation (3 copies).

6. Registration form (one copy obtained online from the SIGA system - see the DAC web site).

7. Graduates' system (please send an e-mail to:, or ask in person).

8. Statement for the published and submitted paperssobre artigos publicados ou submetidos   (only in case your thesis/dissertation is based on papers where you are an author or co-author).

9. Publishing in the University newspaper (optional): If you would like that your thesis/dissertation defence announced in the newspaper please access the link:

The students and their supervisors have to send the thesis/dissertation to the examiners.

If the thesis/dissertation is not written in Portuguese language there must be an explicit declaration signed by both of them.

If the student wants to include the contents of a published/accepted paper in the thesis/dissertation then the student must have the explicit authorization of the corresponding Journal. This authorization must be handed in at the Secretary together with the remaining documents.

The scholarship holders must acknowledge in the thesis/dissertation the funding bodies.

It is not permitted to organize any kind of celebration after the exam in the lecture rooms.

REMARKS: We remind students in the course of defending their theses/dissertations that their institutional e-mail account will be updated according to the official enrollment list at the beginning of the following semester. In case the defense is scheduled before the end of the semester, we suggest that you at the Institute Computer Section (Informática) for keeping your account active for at least 60 days after the defense.

We inform that the students are responsibe to follow the dissertation/thesis formatting standards established by the University.Failure to comply with these norms will result in (significant) delays in the homologation of the degree.

PAY ATTENTION: The final version of your thesis/dissertation must be sent, by the student, to all examiners (supervisor, members, substitutes), and also to the second supervisor (if any).

The forms below must be provided at most 60 days after the defense, together with a CD containing the final version (in PDF format) of the thesis/dissertation:


11. Data for the CD label

12. Digital version declaration for the thesis/dissertation

13. Return of the keys to the study building

14. The form for the Theses' database of CAPES:

15. Final version declaration (can be substituted by the advisor's email stating that he/she is in accordance with the final version)

16. Fellows of Fapesp/CNPq - Declaration for the goods (computers, laptops etc.) purchased within the scholarship

17. Fellows of Fapesp/CNPq:

Having reported to CNPq the goods, send  the file to

18. Diploma - FAQ - click here.

Recommendations how to prepare the manuscript

  1. Regulations concerning formatting and printing the thesis/dissertation
  2. A model for formatting the theses/dissertations (LaTeX classes, developed by students).



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