UNICAMP team is awarded the Ibero-American Interuniversity Mathematics Competition - CIIM

The Ibero-American Interuniversity Mathematics Competition (CIIM) was created mainly to encourage the study of mathematical sciences and promote excellence in mathematics at university level in Ibero-America. Today, this work continues as a collaborative project that has many benefits for everyone involved. They encourage the study of mathematics, supporting the student who loves to solve problems and who, by doing it with others, obtains a conversation nucleus similar to collaboration between professional mathematicians.

The Olympiad was held virtually and the UNICAMP team was composed of:

1. Andrey Chen (student of the Bachelor of Mathematics at IMECC, representing Brazil through the OBM): gold medal and second place overall

2. Lael Viana Lima: medalha de prata (second time in this competition)

3. Kevyn Djhonatha Dias de Lacerda

4. Yan Victor Souza Guimarães

5. Vitória Ferreira

Professor Plamen Emilov Kochloukov was the team coordinator.

Congratulations to all students and the responsible teacher!