Dissertations: PROFMAT Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the program PROFMAT produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira High school trigonometry and approximation of functions by trigonometric polynomials PROFMAT 03/26/2014
André Vinicius Spina Prime numbers and cryptography PROFMAT 03/31/2014
Jakson da Cruz Pereira Means : arithmetic, geometric and harmonic PROFMAT 05/14/2014
Vicente Mastropaulo Neto Combinatorics and probability with applications on geometry teaching PROFMAT 05/14/2014
Valmir Roberto Moretti A study of algebraic methods of solving algebraic equations with proposed activities for basic education PROFMAT 06/24/2014
Vivianne Tasso Perugini de Oliveira Taxicab geometry : learning a different geometry through the streets of a city PROFMAT 06/25/2014
Marília Franceschinelli de Souza Optimization of grounds : quadrilaterals of constant perimeter and maximum area PROFMAT 08/29/2014
André da Silva Coura Experiments with probability and statistics : Jankenpon, Monte Carlo, anthropometric variables PROFMAT 11/19/2014
Carla Cristina Fonte Introduction to graphs in high school PROFMAT 12/12/2014
Glaucia Innocencio de Jesus Paulo Paiva Prime numbers and primality test PROFMAT 12/15/2014
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