Dissertations: PROFMAT Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the program PROFMAT produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Kiscinger Muniz de Carvalho The algebra of polynomials equations and their solubility PROFMAT 12/15/2015
Daniel Petravicius The Riemann zeta function and the prime numbers PROFMAT 02/04/2016
Sonia Dourado Corrêa The use of numerical methods for optimization problems : applications for the high school PROFMAT 02/12/2016
Fábio Augusto de Abreu A study about the intersection of cylinders and related solids PROFMAT 02/26/2016
Marcelo de Ramos Manoel Markov chains : a matrix approach toward high school PROFMAT 02/29/2016
Jailton Bartho dos Santos Distance between algebraic curves : a talk to the high school PROFMAT 07/04/2016
Mario Hivanildo Almeida Optimization as methodological tool PROFMAT 08/03/2016
Karina Rodrigues de Oliveira Activities about proofs in mathematics in elementary and high PROFMAT 08/16/2016
Douglas Daniel Polynomial modeling in high school PROFMAT 08/31/2016
Fabiana Vieira Silva Logarithm : a geometric approach PROFMAT 09/30/2016
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