Springer lança livro dos 50 anos do IMECC

A editora Springer acaba de publicar o livro

Advances in Mathematics and Applications: Celebrating 50 years of the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing, University of Campinas.


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O livro, que celebra o jubileu do IMECC, é composto por 15 capítulos redigidos por professores que tiveram destaque na história de nosso instituto, alguns dos quais acompanhados por importantes colaboradores.


A contracapa do livro ressalta sua relevância científica e histórica, bem como a relevância do IMECC no panorama matemático internacional: 

This book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing (IMECC) of the University of Campinas, Brazil, by offering reviews of selected research developed at one of the most prestigious mathematics institutes in Latin America. Written by senior professors at the IMECC, it covers topics in pure and applied mathematics and statistics ranging from differential geometry, dynamical systems, Lie groups, and partial differential equations to computational optimization, mathematical physics, stochastic process, time series, and more. A report on the challenges and opportunities of research in applied mathematics - a highly active field of research in the country - and highlights of the Institute since its foundation in 1968 completes this historical volume, which is unveiled in the same year that the International Mathematical Union (IMU) names Brazil as a member of the Group V of countries with the most relevant contributions in mathematics.


A lista completa de capítulos e autores é dada a seguir.

  1. “And now we’re in 2018...”, João F. C. A. Meyer
  2. Applied mathematics in Brazil: challenges and opportunities, Martin Tygel
  3. The Biomathematics in IMECC, Rodney C. Bassanezi
  4. Phase field: a methodology to model complex material behavior, José L. Boldrini
  5. Spherical codes from lattices, Sueli I. R. Costa, João E. Strapasson e Cristiano Torezzan
  6. Nonvariational semilinear elliptic systems, Djairo G. Figueiredo
  7. Perfect simulation and convex mixture of context trees, Nancy L. Garcia e Sandro Gallo
  8. Inference in (M)GARCH models in the presence of additive outliers: specification, estimation and prediction, Luiz K. Hotta e Carlos Trucíos
  9. Notes on Newton’s method after 1960, José M. Martínez
  10. Minimal surfaces and their Gauss maps, Francesco Mercuri e Luquesio P. M. Jorge
  11. Galois theories: a survey, Antonio Paques
  12. On the geometry and topology of the commutator of unit quaternions, Alcibíades Rigas e Dan A. A. Cerna
  13. Life in the Rindler reference frame: does an uniformly accelerated charge radiate? Is there a Bell ‘paradox’? Is Unruh effect real?, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr. e Jayme Vaz Jr.
  14. Flag type of semigroups: a survey, Luiz A. B. San Martin
  15. Generic singularities of 3D piecewise smooth dynamical systems, Marco A. Teixeira e Otávio M. L. Gomide