Livro dos Profs. Laécio, Rodney e Weldon bem avaliado na zbMATH

Recentemente, o livro A First Course in Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Dynamical Systems, and Biomathematics: Theory and Applications, dos colegas Laécio Barros, Rodney Bassanezi e Weldon Lodwick, publicado pela Springer-Verlag, foi positivamente avaliado na Zentralbatt Mathematik ( pelo Prof. Witold Pedrycz, fellow da IEEE, tido como o mais produtivo e influente autor na área de sistemas fuzzy segundo o artigo An overview of fuzzy research with bibliometric indicators, de Merigó et alii.

O Prof. Pedrycz fez as seguinte crítica do livro: "The book serves as a sound and balanced exposure to the subject of fuzzy sets by bringing the fundamentals of this technology and presenting their applications to dynamic systems. The material is prudently structured with well-defined threads and systematically exposed and lucidly motivated fundamentals. Updated references following each chapter are carefully selected. The chapters can be naturally split into two groups with the first one focused on the key concepts of fuzzy sets and the second one devoted to fuzzy dynamical systems and their applications to biomathematics... In summary, the book serves as a timely introduction to the discipline of fuzzy sets and fuzzy modeling and can be recommended to everybody interested in fuzzy sets and a way in which they could be used in solving practical modeling problems."

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