Dissertations: PROFMAT Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the program PROFMAT produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Raul Cintra de Negreiros Ribeiro Complex numbers: applications PROFMAT 06/16/2015
Gabriela Vicentini de Oliveira Brahmagupta and cyclic quadrilaterals for high school PROFMAT 06/16/2015
Márcia Cristina Lemos Guimarães Franco Symmetry PROFMAT 06/08/2015
André Luís Novaes Analytical geometry and vectors: a proposal to improve the teaching of spatial geometry PROFMAT 05/08/2015
José Maria Rodrigues Analytical geometry with vector focus on high school PROFMAT 05/08/2015
Alessandro Silva Santos Curve fitting polynomials focusing on high school curriculum PROFMAT 04/27/2015
Renata de Lacerda Martins Vulcani Eulerian graphs and applications PROFMAT 02/25/2015
Aline de Paula Alves Demystifying the fundamental theorem of algebra PROFMAT 02/25/2015
Audino Castelo Branco Mathematics and dyslexia : aspects of the use of art and technology in the lerning of mathematics for students with dyslexia PROFMAT 02/20/2015
Adilson Pedro Roveran Activities for classroom using mathematics history as teaching resource : from the squarings to the number Pi : mathematics in ancient Greece PROFMAT 01/26/2015
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