Dissertations: PROFMAT Program

Below you will find the dissertations and theses of the program PROFMAT produced and defended on IMECC. You can filter the output by year.

Student Title Program Date
Michele Caléfe Construction of the numerical sets : from integer to hyperreal numbers PROFMAT 10/17/2016
Clóvis Rodrigues Vilas-Boas Introduction to the study of graphs : origin and applications PROFMAT 10/19/2016
Mauro Noda "Linear systems and applications in high school" PROFMAT 02/20/2017
César Carlos Camelo da Cunha "Study on the components of IDESP in the city of Guarulhos." PROFMAT 02/22/2017
Yuri Tobias Aquiel Corrêa Ramos "Applications of Markov chains in high school" PROFMAT 02/23/2017
Ferdinando Caíque Genghini Dantas Lobo "Complex numbers, polynomials and algebraic equations" PROFMAT 02/23/2017
Leila Silveira "Conical classification" PROFMAT 05/18/2017
Fabiana Tesine Baptista "The teaching of polar coordinates through GeoGebra software" PROFMAT 06/05/2017
Marcos Antonio Rosa "The importance of recurrence relationships for the improvement of teaching-learning discrete mathematics" PROFMAT 06/30/2017
Heitor Amaral Garcia Teaching combinatorial analysis through problem situations PROFMAT 07/04/2017
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